Making a lobster pot with willow using traditional methods

I’ve been working a few lobster pots for a couple of years now to catch lobsters to cook for ourselves and friends and always wanted to make my own pots.

Andrea bought me a course with a local fisherman in Gweek for Christmas to learn how to make them.

My soft hands struggled a bit as they’re more used to a keyboard than working willow but learning from an expert craftsman was a real joy and in no time I’d grasped the basics and had my first pot completed with a lot of David’s help.

Early stages of the build with the mobile jig

The willow is sourced locally on The Lizard just a few miles away from home although some of the thin and stronger gold whithies come from Somerset.

I have a bit of work to do making some tools and a jig and will be making the rest of my pots in the next few weeks, ready to start fishing early in the new season.

One of the toughest bits, the cross over stitch
More tough work on the hands
Almost there, the pot bottom being woven

As most of my time is spent with new technology and computers, it was great to get to grips with some ancient crafts, there’s only a small handful of people making pots using this method and they’re not getting any younger, hopefully I’ll be able to help keep the craft alive for years to come and I’m really looking forward to working them in our local waters.

I’ve yet to weight the pot and rig it but I’ll cover that in a blog later in the year.